We are a Japanese company specializes in the design and operation of Onsen. We strive to contribute to the happiness of people's lives through our expertise.


There are various unique culture in Japan. Among them, Onsen is one of the most representative and comprehensive one, with a worldview that unites nature and human, and fuses various cultures such as architecture, landscaping, the four seasons, clothing, food, and the unique Japanese hospitality. We design and operate Onsen in Japan under the Kaze-no-Yu brand, providing a comprehensive range of Onsen-related services.

Company name: A-ASTERISK Co., Ltd
Services: Architecture design, Interior design, Onsen related consulting and Onsen facility operation.

E-Mail :a@a-asterisk.com

Japan main office
Address : 2-7-14, Minami-dai, Minami-ku, Sagamihara city, Kanagawa pref. 252-0314, JAPAN

Shanghai branch
Address: Room-2805, No.1666, North-Sichuan road, Hongkou District Shanghai 200080, China




1977 Born in Kanagawa pref Japan
2002 Master of architecture, Waseda university Japan.
2004 Worked for Riken-Yamamoto & field shop
2005 Established A-ASTERISK


2006 Tokai university (Japan)
2007 Tokai university (Japan)
2007 Tokyo university of science (Japan)
2010 Nikkei BP (Japan)
2014 Taiwan National Quemoy University (Taiwan)
2015 China Academy of Building Reserch (China)
2015 Taiwan National Quemoy University (Taiwan)
2018 China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Award (China)


2005 JCD design award special prize (Japan)
2007 SDA design award special prize (Japan)
2007 APIDA design award top 10 (Hongkong)
2007 JCD design award special prize (Japan)
2009 SDA design award top 100 (Japan)
2009 SDA design award excellent prize (Japan)
2009 Modern decoration int'l design award (China)
2013 The person of the Japan architecture year (Japan)
2015 China JinTang (Golden hotspring) award (China)
2015 China International Space Design Awards (China)
2016 Jin Wai Tang (Golden band) prize (China)
2018 China international Architectural Decoration and Design Art Award (China)


  • Architecture design, Interior design, Landscape design
  • Onsen related consulting
  • Onsen facility operation