We have designed Onsen, public bath, for the leading spa brand Panpuri which is located on 12th floor of a high-rise building in Bangkok, Thailand. When we visited the site first time, we recognized the outdoor view from the site was magnificent. Therefore, we have focused on customers to enjoy the views, not to create decorative interior.

Not to distract the views, the bathtubs are located near the curtainwall in black color scheme with a white frame. The white frame is not only to emphasize the functions of bathing and body washing, it became a frame of the outside view. And in the evening the water surface is lit and reflected to the frame to create a magnificent atmosphere.

LocationBangkok, Thailand
UseCity Onsen
Floor area1,357.03sqm
ClientPANPURI wellness
Design periodDecember 2016 – February 2018
Lighting designerbonbori
Construction drawingSunday architects