Blossom hill Onsen hotel

Blossom hill is a hotel brand based on the concept of taking advantage of the culture and climate of China’s rural areas to create new interactions and discoveries through natural encounters between guests. Our proposal was adopted after three companies proposed the construction of a hot spring hotel in the Taohua Island area at the foot of Yangshan-mountain in Wuxi City, where peach trees cover the entire area.

We divided the 66 guest rooms into seven buildings of about 10 rooms
each to create a small village-like community, and eight buildings,
including a hot spring building, were distributed throughout the site.
In each guest room building, a new ground plate was constructed by
floating it from the ground. The common living room, bar, yoga area,
private baths, and tatami mat space for all guests are arranged
separately under a different theme for each wing,
allowing guests to stroll across the wings, take part in events,
and create new encounters and interactions.
On the other hand, the top of the plate is a space for 10 rooms,
and the living room, terrace, and guest rooms for the 10 rooms
are placed on the plate in a white box.
This plate is designed to be high enough to enjoy the surrounding
peach blossoms as if it were a view of the sea.
The hot spring building has indoor and outdoor baths for both men and women,
as well as a rest area and spa massage facilities.
All the spaces are designed to open wide toward Yangshan-mountain.
Through our design, customers can feel the local culture and climate
with their whole body and discover and interact with each other in a natural way.

LocationWuxi, China.
UseOnsen hotel
Floor area21,337.72sqm
Site area55,136sqm
ClientBlossom hill hotel group
Design periodApril 2014 – August 2017