Qinghai Huzhu Onsen hotel

We designed onsen hotel in Qinghai province China, where has unique culture of the ethnic minority called “Tuzu”. The required functions included 210 guest rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, a gymnasium including a swimming pool, SPA facilities, Onsen, and a theater with 420 people. The onsen, hotel, and theater needed to be able to operate independently of each other. We created a long corridor called “Cultural Road” in front of the three facilities, connecting with each other. The “cultural road” is a n entrance hall for three functions, is also a gallery space for exhibition local cultures.

LocationQinghai, China.
UseOnsen, Hotel, Theater
Floor area53,946.29sqm
Site area41,463.06sqm
ClientQinghai rainbow culture tourism
Design periodJune 2014 – February 2019