Wulumuqi Media Translation Center

This project located in Urumqi where has been a hub of the Silk Road since ancient times, serving as a “road” connecting Europe and Asia, and even today, a unique culture with a mixture of Eastern and Western influences is still alive.

There are three functions in this project: an Editing office, a theater, and a newspaper publishing office. We see translation in the media as a “road” that connects the East and the West, which is what Urumqi has become. We created a long corridor, called “Cultural Road,” at the front of the building. It will serve as an exhibition space for the various cultures of Urumqi, as well as an entrance hall for all three functions. The high-rise office area for the newspaper publishing house was designed to resemble the “Su Gong Tower,” the oldest tower in Urumqi, and to literally become a symbol of the local culture.

LocationWulumuqi, China.
UsePublishing Center, Broadcasting Center, Translation Center, Theater
Floor area97,925sqm
Site area25,103sqm
ClientWulumuqi people’s daily
Design period2013